Fixing.World is a media and technology company unlocking the potential of every person. We build platforms to provide the programs required to fix global challenges.

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Our Purpose

Inequity, conflict, and a lack of empathy have become a daily reality for millions. Fixing.World is determined to create positive change globally. Our movement will unlock the potential of every person and focus on solving some of the world's most difficult problems.

Our Core Values


We partner to drive mutual success and positive social impact.


Integrity starts with us, a commitment to do better and be better.


We embrace diversity and value perspectives learned through life experiences to ensure we make the best informed choices.


Empathy is the foundation that our actions are built on and essential to our ability to thrive as humans.


While we may encounter obstacles, we persevere until quality results are achieved.


We set bold objectives and take big swings to create monumental impact.

Our Executive Fixers

Joe Salesky CEO
Ayelet Zadok CTO
Dave Jefferson CFO
Farrell Hudzik Strategic Advisor
Thor Roundy Corp. Legal Counsel
Strategic Advisor

It’s more important now than ever to impact the world for good. As executive fixers, we are committed to building a transformative company.

Our values reflect what drives our hunger to create positive change and impact the world.

Joe Salesky
CEO & Founder

Joe founded Fixing.World in 2021 with a vision to transform media and technology to achieve its potential to grow human capacity, empathy, and opportunity. A born “Fixer,” he’s proven that it’s possible to build simple sustainable solutions to difficult and important problems. As CEO and Founder, he is responsible for the company’s vision and strategy, products, strategic partnerships, financing, and global operational leadership.

Joe has worked for the past 35 years building successful teams, products, businesses and solution-oriented cultures people respect. His work has been granted 27 patents, for solutions to improve the way we live, work and play. He was honored to have served in the Clinton Whitehouse as a founding member of the Intergovernmental Technology Leadership Consortium, and a benchmarked leader for the Council for Excellence in Government.

As a serial intrapreneur and entrepreneur, Joe has created globally recognized products and teams in executive roles including Oracle (ORCL), nCube acquired by Seachange (SEAC), Founder & CEO at Pixion acquired by Drake International (DSI), CTO at Appsteam acquired by Symantec (SYMC). Founder & CEO of ClairMail acquired by Fiserv (FISV), and CEO of CRMNEXT, Inc.

He is forever one with the sea and has a passion for sports above and below the water, both frozen and liquid, his superpower is an uncanny knack for building and repairing nearly anything.

Ayelet Zadok
CTO & Co-Founder

As CTO and Co-Founder, Ayelet is responsible for Fixing.World’s technology strategy, platforms and products to serve the global community. She leads the engineering and product development teams and oversees the full life cycle of software engineering, from product ideation to fruition.

Ayelet is a serial entrepreneur and has over 25 years of success building companies that provide mission critical solutions for the Fortune 100, Global 100, and others large and small. She co-founded companies in Silicon Valley, as well as previously in Israel, where she built strong engineering teams that deliver great products to customers' delight.

Nicknamed “Wonder Woman” because she overcomes any obstacle with grace, she also enjoys time together with family and friends, hiking, biking, scuba-diving as well as hosting friends and listening to music.

Dave Jefferson

As CFO, Dave is responsible for Fixing.World’s financial strategy and driving the strategic operational needs of the business to support the growth and profitability plans.

Dave joins Fixing.World from his company Burdell Properties where he remains the Managing General Partner, President, and Chief Executive Officer. Burdell is responsible for the general management for its sponsored corporate, vineyard, and real estate investment entities. Dave earned an A.B. degree in Economics from Stanford University. Thereafter, he received an M.B.A. degree, with an emphasis on finance, from the Stanford Graduate School of Business. Dave currently serves as a licensed real estate broker in the state of California and has been a licensed financial principal with the National Association of Securities Dealers, Inc.

While managing Burdell Properties, he served as a Director and President of the Bay Planning Coalition. In previous roles, Dave was a Director and past President of the Marin Property Owners Association, and Director and Vice Chairman of the McClellan Federal Credit Union, as well as a Director of the Marin JCC.

Farrell Hudzik
Strategic Advisor

As a Strategic Advisor, Farrell is responsible for growing and identifying Fixing.World’s strategic investments and brand partnerships in the financial sector. She is a passionate results-oriented leader with proven success improving sales, profitability, and sustainability through digital first agile business transformation, innovation, leveraged partnerships, and investments.

Farrell joins Fixing.World from Cardlytics where she was Executive Vice President, Financial Institutions. In that role, she was responsible for evolving and differentiating the Cardlytics program for all participating U.S. financial institutions. Previously, Farrell was Senior Vice President, Enterprise Customer Engagement at Synchrony. In that role, she was responsible for developing and leading Synchrony’s first Customer Experience Design and Insights Team. Prior to joining Synchrony, Farrell was Managing Director at Accenture Interactive leading their Global Loyalty and Rewards Practice.

Farrell currently serves on the advisory board for Klosebuy Inc. Klosebuy is an affordable, community-based platform that connects local businesses with consumers without the burden of additional hardware or integration.

Thor Roundy
Corporate Legal Counsel & Strategic Advisor

As Corporate Legal Counsel, Thor is responsible for Fixing.World’s agreements with all stakeholders, and corporate filings with governments globally, including partnership transactions, corporate mergers and acquisitions, contracts, business planning, and litigation. Thor is also a respected advisor assisting the company’s strategic planning.

Thor is CEO at EVN Law which he founded and has built into a superior legal business. He has been practicing law for 29 years, and has been awarded significant recognition for his professional, academic, and community work. He is presently a member of the Economic Development Working Group for the Point of the Mountain State Land Authority in Utah.

As you might imagine from his name, Thor enjoys weightlifting, blackbelts in Taekwondo and Haedonggumdo, water and snow skiing and playing basketball. He speaks fluent Mandarin and is an Eagle Scout.

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